Meet Rebecka

Rebecka Brott 



Hey! I am so honored that you might consider allowing me to join you on your therapy journey. As a therapist, I believe that we will always be first and foremost two (or more) humans in a room. I believe that my empathy, humor, authenticity, and desire to connect with folks may be far more important than any therapeutic tool I learned in school. 

I recently earned my master's degree from UNO Grace Abbott School of Social Work in 2021. Being a student in the last couple of years has been a unique, to say the least. I recognize that our collective and individual experiences have been so incredibly complex, difficult, and maybe even in some ways transformative. 

My background is in child welfare, where I became familiar with various community programs and systems. As well as the limitless reach of mental health struggles in every corner of our community. 

So, I bring to my practice warmth and curiosity, along with emerging clinical expertise to support you through whatever you are experiencing. I love seeing folks grow into their confidence, self-love, creativity, and resilience. 

Gina Mack



Gina Mack is a graduate student at UNO Grace Abbott School of Social Work completing her advanced practicum with Moment Mental Health. Gina is a dedicated and compassionate student intern pursuing her passion for therapy. She is excited to provide individual therapy for folks experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and adjusting to life changes. As a student, Gina brings a fresh perspective, and belief that every individual possesses the strength and resilience to overcome challenges with the right support and guidance. Her goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space to explore thoughts, emotions, and experiences freely. 

During her practicum experience, Gina is offering individual sessions and group therapy sessions at a student rate (low cost-no cost). 

Check out Gina's journaling group Emotional Ink  beginning in September!

As a student, Gina practices under supervision of Rebecka Brott PLMHP, PCMSW and Toni Daniels LIMHP, LCSW.